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The Metric Structure of Story Time

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The Metric Structure of Story Time

Alright. Alright. It's just you.
So ... there are stranger things in heaven and earth
than were dreamt of in my natural philosophy.
You win; I admit that. I am an empiricist, after all.


Despite my surprise, I have been giving this much thought.
So what if dreams are real? (Evidently they are.)
What if stories are realities? (Evidently they are.)
And what if you could travel between them?
(Because, apparently, you can.)

Why would that mean we'd have to throw all of physics out the window?
Don't laugh - you laugh because you don't know quantum relativity.
All quantum relativity is, is the realization that
the whole world is just a map of interconnected events
and that the unfolding of each event affects how
every other event interconnects with the map around it.

All the fancy math is just a way of making it precise:
probability matricies describe how events unfold,
geometric metrics describe how events connect.

So ... the world is more complicated than we imagined it.
Events aren't just connected to other events;
The fabric of reality is woven out of stories and
Stories are interwoven into a fabric of allusions.
So why can't we find a probability matrix for an allusion?
A geometric metric for how stories interconnect?

If we could find a metric for reality travel...
Could we map the storystream?

- Sylvester Diract to Richard Storybrooke (2049, personal communication)