f@nu fiku: online science fantasy manga


The WizardRichard Storybrooke
The WarriorAmber Dawson
The SeerHerself
The SaintJonathan Gale
The ScientistSylvester Dirac
The MysticThe Ringbinder

The Young Girl Who Can Take Them
Anywhere She Can Imagine
Xiao Dreamweaver

The MascotMei-Mei
The ChiefStress Puppy
The ReliefAca Vivashiva
The MentorBenjamin Taidoka
The Love InterestDavid Grant and the Flying Gorilla Crunch
The RivalDaina Yearling and the Clockwork Eagles
The VigilanteThe Knightwolfe
The Heavy HitterThe Continental
The VillianThe Undertaker

The Arch-NemesisThe Progenitor