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Guest Artist: Sandi Billingsley

sponsored by Studio Sandi
Studio Sandi


We need to get over the stigma attached to children who are falling behind.

No, I don't mean we should not stigmatize them. Quite the opposite.
We need to get over our resistance to apply the stigma.

So-called learning disabilities, mental illnesses, behavior problems...
... all of these are products of the indulgences we grant children
--- and childlike adults --- in our permissive society.
But where tender love fails, tough love will succeed.

This is the purpose of the Remedial Education system.
A simple behavioral contingency --- succeed, and you progress;
fail, and you are penalized. It's just that simple.

Neural, cognitive, behavioral and empirical studies have all shown
the harsh contingencies of the Remedial program have all but eliminated
the mental freeloaders of our society and produced a generation of
smarter, healthier, happier, and more productive adults --- and have
left our mental health care practitioners with far more resources
to deal with care the small number of people who have genuine issues.

In the face of the millions of children and the rest of a society who benefits,
who can forgive us for putting slackers through a few years of hell?

- Dr. Saffrine Legrande, Chief Education Coordinator for Pacifica