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A new reality only a segue away...

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Superpower power...

With all this talk of "cosmic energies" and "flow of chi",
people forget that super powers expend actual power.
Power is just the rate of energy expended over time.
And energy just work --- force expended over distance.
And force itself is just mass times acceleration.

So the physical power of a superhero is big words for how
much stuff he or she can get moving, how far, and how fast.

So everyone gets all excited when the Continental can burn
through a steel plate with his gamma-ray vision --- but not me.
You can keep him with his gamma ray vision. I know better.

I just saw the Pacifican fly from a dead stop in Lost Angeles
to a dead stop in to New Vegas in less than a minute,
and I'm done being impressed for the day.

- Dr. Daniel Riverstone