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Gray's Decoder Ring

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Something's ... Different

What just happened?

Richard is still here, the monster is reeling, and we're still on the run.
I just KNOW this is a dream. Storybook characters DON'T come to life.
Posters DON'T come alive and sprout monsters that try to take your head off.

And yet...

After that last card ... Richard is now panicked, the monster is reeling, but I ---

---I feel more alive than I ever have.
The weight pinning me has finally lifted
the parking brake released, the car into drive
the Great Gear released at last so the Engine can spin into motion.

Ever since my dreams betrayed me, I've been on an endless treadmill
At school, at life, at the hospice.
Everything's the same.
But now...

Something's different. Something is different, at last.
I KNOW this is a story, but NOTHING has ever felt so REAL.

-from the Lifebook of Xiao Dreamweaver