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Junior PSAilers Go

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Junior PSAilers Triumph Again

Pacifican windsailing enthusiasts, take heart!
Despite the repeated, crushing defeats of our professional,
college, and even high school divisions to Continental teams
in the sport our once-proud country supposedly originated,
all hope is not lost. Once again, as has happened so many
times in our country's history, the next generation has
stepped up to the plate - and hit one out of the park
when their elders cannot hit anything at all.

The Junior PSAilers - excuse me, the "PSAilers Junior", as they prefer
to be called - have once again routed all international competition
in the youth division windsailing championships. That's right, you
heard me - the middle school affiliate of the most loved but least
winningest skysailing team defeated not just our opponents across
the Great Rocky Straits, but all other teams in the entire world.

Led by Professor Wilhemina Paule, acrobatic Zacques Pryor and enigmatic
Lynx Moon, the seven Junior PSAilers dominated the skies in three speed
races and nine single elimination skill trials, winning the international cup
against sixteen competing teams from the Continent, Europe, Japan and Asia.
I think the leader of the New Vegas team, Buck Wilensky, put it best when he said
"We just got beat."

What more can I say. Fly, junior PSAilers, fly - may the wind carry you all the
way from middle school through to the professional leagues, where, God knows,
they need you.

-Gerald "Rock" Sands, senior sports commentator, Pacifican Public Podcasting Company